2011 Meeting Minutes USS Sterett Association

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2011 Meeting Minutes USS Sterett Association
Saturday 21 May 2011

The Association assembled at the Isle Casino Hotel in Biloxi, MI to hold the bi-annual Reunion Dinner and business meeting which was called to order at 0900 on 21 May 2011.

The elected officers and their appearance status is:
  • Robert Johnson, President – Present
  • Mike Cornforth, Vice President – Absent
  • Don Hageman, Treasurer – Present
  • Wayne Wright Member at Large – Present
  • Fred Cross Member at Large – Absent

The Treasurer read the USS Sterett Association Treasurer’s Report for the period ending 17 May 2011 as follows:
At the present time we have 99 active members for 2011. That compares to the 115 members we had as of the end of 2010 and the 156 members we had at the end of 2009.

Reunion Attendees:
As of 17 May, 92 attendees were registered for the Reunion of which 20 were Vietnam Rescue people and families.

Reunion Costs:
Approximately $7,500.00 will be spent on the Reunion. Approximately, $6,000.00 of those expenses have not yet been billed and paid, as of the writing of this report.

Financial Status:
The Association assets as of 17 May are summarized as follows:
  • PayPal Account: $173.88
  • NFCU Checking: $9,520.83
  • NFCU Savings:$6,468.36
  • Current Total: $16,163.07
  • Post Reunion:$10,000.00 (estimated)

The use of Pay Pal continues to make life easier for the Treasurer and for those members who use it to pay their dues. No issues have been noticed while using that payment method and members are encouraged to use it if they so desire. Approximately 67% of the dues payments received this year were via PayPal. About 75% of the Reunion payments were received via PayPal. The Association’s required tax filing with the IRS, which can be accomplished by filing IRS Form 990-N (e-Postcard) has been completed by the required deadline for this year. About half of the current memberships will expire at the end of 2011. E-mail reminders about expiring memberships will be sent out at the end of the year and beginning of next year. Old Business – There was no Old Business brought up.

New Business
  1. Ship’s Store – Mike Butterfield has been the Storekeeper for the last several years. He has had personal problems and has been difficult to contact. Wayne Wright was able to contact Mike Butterfield and obtained the inventory of items and got it sent to Steve Hayes so it was available for the Reunion. Ron Malcolm has volunteered to take over as Storekeeper and now has the remaining inventory in hand.

  2. Historian – Tom Jacobsmeyer has volunteered to become the Historian and Evan Mickel has volunteered to assist Tom in this endeavor.

  3. Web Master – Mike Garrity, the current Web Master must step down due to personal reasons. He has agreed to remain as Web Master thru September. He is also going to set up a Facebook account for the USS Sterett Association. After no one volunteered to take on the job as Web Master, the Board will obtain a professional to become the Web Master.

  4. Member Emeritus – Steve Hayes made a recommendation which was seconded and approved to have ADM Mike Mullen (former Sterett XO) declared a Member Emeritus.

  5. One years Membership Dues – Don Hageman said that due to the fact that we will have excess money from the Reunion Registration that each member who attended the Reunion be credited with one year’s dues. It was seconded and approved.

  6. Donation to Tin Can Sailor – Robert McGuire made a recommendation to make a one time donation to the Tin Can Sailor Association in the amount of $250.00. After discussion, it was seconded and approved to do this.

  7. Next Reunion Site – Three locations were recommended from those attending the current reunion and in addition, one site, Eugene, Oregon’s Chamber of Commerce sent in an unsolicited solicitation. The three sites which were recommended and put before the Association for vote as the next reunion site were: Reno/Sparks, NV, Charleston, SC, and Branson, MO. Branson, MO was selected as the site for the 2013 USS Sterett Reunion to be held in the SEPT – OCT timeframe.

  8. Election of Officers – The final piece of New Business was the Election of New Officers with the following be elected for the next two years until the next reunion:
  9. President – Steve Hayes
  10. Vice President – John King
  11. Secretary/Treasurer – Don Hageman
  12. Officers at Large – Fred Cross, Evan Mickel, and Wayne Wright

  13. Meeting adjourned at 1105.