USS Sterett CG 31 (1975-94)

Guided Missile Cruiser - formerly DLG 31 - (1967-75)

The Third Sterett, a guided missile frigate, laid down on 25 Sept 1962 at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Bremerton, WA.
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CG-31 Search & Rescue Operations
September 1, 1983 Korean Airlines Flight007 was shot down by by Soviet interceptors. The US Seventh Fleet's USS Sterett CG31 became the flagship of the US search and rescue/salvage task force 71
Guided Missile Cruiser CG-31 Characteristics
Displacement: 7930 tons
Length: 547 feet
Beam: 55 feet
Draught: 28 feet 10 inches
Speed: 30 knots (35 mph; 56 km/h)
Range: 7,100 n. miles at 20 knots
Complement:418 officers and men
Ordered:20 September 1961
Builder:Puget Sound Naval Shipyard
Laid down:25 September 1962
Launched:30 June 1964
Acquired:16 June 1967
Commissioned:8 April 1967
Decommissioned:24 March 1994
One LAMPS (Light Airborn Multi-Purpose System) Kaman SH-2

One Dual railed Mk 10 Mod 7 launcher for Terrier/Standard-ER SAM
Magazine capacity = 60 combined Terrier and ASROC)
Eight Harpoon SSM (Surface - surface missile)(2 quad canisters Mk 141)

One 5-inch 54-caliber Dual purpose Mk 42
Two 20-mm Phalanx CIWS (Close In WeaponsSystem) Mk 15 (2-multibarrel)
Two 3-inch 50-caliber single barreled (replaced by Harpoon - 1976)

ASW Weapons
ASROC launched from Mk 10 missile launcher
Two triple tube Mk 32 torpedo mounts (removed in mid 70's)
SPS-10F Surface search (replaced by SPS-67 in 1991)
SPS-40 Air seach (replaced by SPS-49 in 1991)
SPS-48 3-D search

SQS-26BX bow mounted sonar
Fire Control
One MK 14 Weapons Direction System
One Mk 114 ASW Fire Control System
One Mk 76 Mod 9 missile fire control system using 2 SPG-55B radars
One Mk 68 Gun Fire Control System with SPG-53F radar (5" gun)
Two Manual visual directors for 3" 50 caliber guns

EW System
One SLQ-32 Electronic Warfare Suite
SLQ-25 Nixie towed torpedo decoy
Chaffroc - rocket deployed chaff dispensers