Sterett Association Newsletter 2018 February

Winter 2018 Greetings from the Sterett Association Winter 2018 has been a rough one for many areas of the country. All of you up north will no doubt feel bad for those of us here in South Mississippi where it’s … read more

Hail Sister – USS Horne DLG/CG 30

Hail Sister! Many Sterett shipmates will recall steaming with or being docked alongside our sister ship: USS Horne DLG/CG 30, over the years around the world. She was actually the first ship DLG-31 relieved on PIRAZ station during Sterett’s initial … read more

USS Sterett DDG-104 on Facebook

USS Sterett DDG-104 on Facebook Sterett vets and fiends of Sterett now have the opportunity to follow along life aboard and are cordially invited to join the newly established USS Sterett Group on facebook! It’s a great way to show … read more

DD-407 Plaque Presented!

DD-407 Plaque Presented! as he promised, DD-407 Shipmate Jim Botkin proudly presented the 1939 Ship Commissioning Plaque to shipmates and guests in attendance. Jim worked diligently investigating the plaque and was able to authenticate it as the real McCoy. The … read more

For Your Sterett Bookshelf

As covered in the Spring newsletter, here are two top notch works to consider adding to your summer reading list Carlson by Dave Spear check out shipmate Dave Spear’s action novel. This gripping tale builds suspense by following several threads … read more

Newsletter 2016 Winter

Greetings from the Sterett Association As I finally start to draft this newsletter I am aware of the winter storm which brought so much hardship to the eastern seaboard areas of our Country. While we can marvel at the beauty … read more

2017 Merry Christmas

The Officers and Members of the USS Sterett Association wish all our Shipmates, Friends and their families a very Merry Christmas. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza or another, take a moment to pause and reflect on the spiritual meaning … read more

Newsletter 2017 Winter

Winter 2017Greetings from the Sterett Association No matter where you live, this winter has been a strange one. Spring like one day, snow, ice and freezing temperatures the next. Whatever your winter weather has been, we hope the season finds … read more

Newsletter Hurricane Special

Hurricane Harvey Hurricane Irma Our thoughts, prayers and best wishes are with all those who have suffered losses from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. We have many Sterett Association members who reside in Texas, Florida and the surrounding areas. We hope … read more

1983 Korean Airlines Flight 007 Recovery Operations – New Piece Added

New Account of KAL 007 Recovery 1983 KAL 007 Recovery/Salvage Ops – New Piece Added This website’s section covering Sterett CG-31’s role as Flagship in the aftermath of the 1983 KAL 007 airliner shootdown has been enhanced with a new … read more

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