Ship Plankowners

The following Plankowners are members of the USS STERETT Association:


DLG-31 Plankowners – 22

Richard Allard,  Kelley S. Arbuckle, Patrick L. “Pat” Beatty, Robert “Mike” Britton, Jack Coon, Ronald D. Curl, Thomas G. “Tom” Faulkner, Ronald “Ron” L. Ferraro, Edward J. Fox, Jim R. Hailey, Joel E. Haley, James “Jim” Lillian, Larry Motz, Gregory “Greg” Neshime, Gary D. Nichols, Michael O’Neill, Emery “Pat” Patrick, Randy G. Robbins, Robert E. Rumney, James “Jim” Trotter, Michael S. “Mike” Vogel, and David J. Wolf.

DDG-104 Plankowners – 4

Christopher “Pappy” M. Elles, Ryan P. Haley, Dale LaBarge, and Charles Williams.


So, what does it mean to be a plankowner – Article by Jecey Eckhart March 20, 2007 on The Virginian-Pilot