January 1

1981 - CG-31 begins the year moored outboard of USS LEAHY (CG 16) at pier four, Naval Station, San Diego. She starts preparing for her scheduled change of homeport to the Philippines In the summer by completing Supply Material Inspection, Weapons Certifications, Refresher Training, and a Nuclear Weapons Acceptance Inspection.


January 4

1945 - DD-407 participates in the Luzon Operation earning her 11th battle star on her Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Ribbon during Lingayen Gulf landing (4 - 18 February).


January 5

1976 - CG-31 conducts a crossing the line ceremony at latitude 000°00, longitude 105°46E in the South China Sea.

1984 - CG-31 deploys to the Middle East as part of Battle Group ALFA with the USS MIDWAY (CV 41), relieving the USS RANGER (CV 61) and Battle Group ECHO.


January 7

1969 - DLG-31 begins her fourth line period (7 - 27 January) with COMDESRON THREE embarked as Tonkin Gulf SAR Coordinator with HC-7 Det 107 (CLEM II) embarked.

1972 - In company with the USS BLUE RIDGE (LCC 19) and USS MAHAN (DLG 11), DLG-31 gets underway on her first WESTPAC since returning to the United States.


January 8

1994 - CG-31 conducts its last Dependent's Day cruise off the Southern California Operating Areas.

2008 - DDG-104 begins Alpha Trails to test the ship’s operational capability of key communication, damage control, navigation and propulsion systems.


January 10

1994 - CG-31 begins the decommissioning restricted availability (RAV) stretching for 74 days during which the combat system suite was completely removed and the ship was stripped of all usable equipment and parts. In total, 40 pallets worth 10 million dollars of equipment was redistributed to other U.S. Naval units.


January 14

1944 - LCDR Frank G. Gould is relieved by CDR Francis J.L. Boulin as DD-407's fourth Commanding Officer while the ship is inport Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

1970 - DLG-31 conducts the ninth line period in the Tonkin Gulf (14 January - 6 February).


January 18

1943 - During the overhaul at Mare Island, California, CDR Jesse G. Coward is relieved by LCDR Frank G. Gould as DD-407's third Commanding Officer.


January 23

1990 - From 23 - 28 January, CG-31 operates in the South China Sea conducting a Naval Gun Fire Support exercise at the Tabones range.


January 27

1778 - Lt. Andrew Sterett is born in Baltimore, Maryland.

1945 - After being transferred via highline in the Philippine Sea, CDR Francis J.L. Boulin is relieved by Gordon B. Williams as DD-407's fifth and last Commanding Officer.


January 28

1987 - For the first time since 1981, CG-31 returns to the United States with a port visit to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, to complete various training including SAR, fire fighting and General DC training for the entire crew. Additionally, numerous inspections were conducted and the Combat Systems Sea Qualifications Test was successfully completed (15 January - 15 March).


January 29

1944 - DD-407 participates in the Marshall Islands Operation (29 January - 8 February) earning her eight of 12 battle stars on her Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Ribbon during the occupation of Kwajalein and Majuro Atolls.

1972 - After stops in Pearl Harbor and Guam, DLG-31 pulled into Subic Bay to prepare for duties as CTU 77.0.2. in the Gulf of Tonkin, which included the installation of 50 caliber machine guns on the 04 level, SEE SAW II gear in CIC, and a command picnic on Grande Island.


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September 2

1989 - At 0135, CG-31 rescues six men and a woman found adrift in the South China Sea and transports them to Subic Bay, R.P..


September 4

1981 - CG-31 is visited by the Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Thomas B. Hayward.


September 6

1973 - DLG-31 returns to homeport in San Diego after a 6-month combat deployment with stops in Yokosuka, Japan, and Pearl Harbor.


September 8

1983 - CG-31 serves as flagship for CTF-71 during the search and salvage operations following the downing of Korean Airline flight KAL 007 by Soviet forces.  She spent 55 days on scene and was awarded the Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citation (KPUC) (14 September - 5 November).


September 10

1967 - DLG-31 makes its first foreign port port visit to Acapulco, Mexico (10 -13 September), for R & R. During this time, the STERETT represented the city of Beverly Hills, Acapulco's sister city, and exchanged gifts between the two cities.

1990 - CAPT Barry M. Plott is relieved by CAPT Thomas E. Blount, Jr., becoming CG-31's 15th Commanding Officer.

2015 - CDR Theodore J. Nunamaker is relieved by CDR Matthew W. Cieslukowski becoming DDG-104's sixth Commanding Officer aboard the ship at BAE Systems, San Diego.

2016 - DDG-104 participates in San Diego Fleet Week Sea and Air Parade while moored to Berth 1, Pier 3.


September 11

1969 - DLG-31 planned restricted availability lasting until 28 October for the installation of the Ship's Anti-Missile Integrated Defense System (SAMID), standard missile system, and combat system modifications, which included chaff rocket launchers.

1981 - CG-31 is visited by the Commander in Chief, Pacific Fleet, Admiral James D. Watkins.


September 13

2002 - The contract to build DDG-104 is awarded to Bath Iron Works Corporation in Bath, Maine.  An Arleigh-Burke-class destroyer, it becomes the fourth ship of the United States to be named in honor of Andrew Sterett, a naval officer who served during the Quasi-War and Barbary Wars.


September 14

1942 - DD-407 earns her second of 12 battle stars on her Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Ribbon for her service during the Capture and Defense of Guadalcanal (14 September - 12 November).

1992 - The Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) authorizes CG-31 to wear the Philippine Presidential Unit Citation (PPUC) for her work in the Republic of the Philippines during the period of May 89 to June 1991.


September 16

1985 - CG-31 returns from deployment as part of Battle Group ALFA (USS MIDWAY CV-41) and begins SRA-3 which includes dry dock (26 September - 23 November).

1989 - While inport Subic Bay, CG-31 participates in the annual Bearing Guard exercise designed to test the security measures of the U.S. facilities in the Philippines.


September 17

1984 - At the completion of a two-week training availability in Yokosuka, Japan, CG-31 conducted a Group Sail with Canadian Destroyer Squadron Four of the Royal Canadian Navy enroute to Subic Bay.


September 18

2003 - DD-407 begins it's 22nd and last reunion at Springfield, IL, which was hosted Debbie A. Sterett & her father Larry S. Sterett (18 - 22 September).


September 22

1986 - CG-31 begins an extensive inport period that would last until 3 December as Selected Repair Availability 4 (SRA-4)


September 25

1962 - DLG-31 is laid down at Puget Sound Naval Ship Yard, Bremerton, Washington.


September 26

1968 - DLG-31 departs Yokosuka, Japan, in company of USS PROVIDENCE (CLG 6) enroute to the Tonkin Gulf via Subic Bay, R.P. and Danang, South Vietnam, for her second line period (7 - 29 October).

1978 - With HSL-35 Det ONE embarked, CG-31 departs San Diego on a Western Pacific/Indian Ocean deployment with the USS CONSTALLATION (CV 64) Battle Group that includes USS HOEL (DDG 13), USS WADDELL (DDG 24), USS DECATUR (DDG 31), USS BRADLEY (FF 1041), USS KANSAS CITY (AOR 3), USS NIAGARA (AFS 3), and USS BARB (SSN 596).


September 27

1986 - CAPT Fred W. Bailey is relieved by CAPT Richard P. Genet becoming CG-31's 13th Commanding Officer following a colorful change of command ceremony alongside Bravo Pier, Ship Repair Facility, Subic Bay, Republic of the Philippines.


September 28

1993 - For the first time ever, CG-31 transits the Panama Canal.


September 30

1989 - After arriving at Yokosuka, Japan, DESRON 15 and COMCORTFLOT 3 Japanese Self-Defense Force embarks CG-31 for ANUALEX '89 (30 September - 7 October).


October 1

2007 - Admiral Mike Mullen, CG-31's former Executive Officer, becomes the 17th Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff.  He remains in office until September 30, 2011.


October 4

1975 - CG-31 departs San Diego on deployment with COMDESGRU ONE and PHIBRON 7 embarked.


October 6

1977 - CG-31 returns from a seven and a half deployment which included port visits in Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, Mauritus, Kenya, Iran, Male, Singapore, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.


October 9

1975 - While enroute to Pearl Harbor, HI, CAPT Phillip K. Collins is relieved by CAPT Charles G. Farnham becoming CG-31's sixth Commanding Officer.



October 10

1985 - CAPT Jimmy H. McCoy is relieved by CAPT John L. Lockett III becoming CG-31's 11th Commanding Officer while the ship was in Drydock inport Subic Bay.

1989 - COMDESGRU ONE embarks CG-31 for Valiant Blitz Exercise with the Republic of Korea.



October 11

1978 - CG-31's SN Marvin Burkhart is lost at sea.


October 13

1982 - Inport Subic Bay, R.P., CG-31 celebrates the Navy's 207th Birthday with a cake cutting ceremony on the mess decks.

1992 - After 14 months in overhaul and over seventy-five million dollars in repairs and upgrades, CG-31 once again returned to sea.


October 15

1970 - DLG-31 begins its first regular overhaul.  This was destined to be an important overhaul in that STERETT was to receive the conversion to Navy Distillate Fuel, a Third NTDS computer, and the Anti-Ship Missile Defense (ASMD-70) system.  The ASMD-70 installation was the first for a DLG class.


October 18

2019 - CDR Sean P. Lewis is relieved by CDR Andrew B. Koy becoming DDG-104's ninth and current Commanding Officer while the ship is pierside at Naval Base, San Diego.


October 19

1980 - CG-31 returns to homeport San Diego after completing a 15-month overhaul at Long Beach Naval Shipyard (17 October).  She is moored outboard of the USS GRIDLEY (CG 21) at pier four.

1992 - A Combat Systems Ships Qualification Trial (CSSQT) begins (19 October - 05 December) for CG-31.


October 22

1975 - CG-31 arrives in Guam and assumes duty as CTF 75 Flagship and independently steams towards Subic Bay, R.P..

1989 - CG-31 hosts the COMDESRON 15 Change of Command. The next day, COMDESRON 15 and COMDESGRU ONE disembarks.

2010 - DDG-104 departs San Diego for its maiden voyage as part of the USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN (CVN 72) Carrier Strike Group (CSG).

October 23

1992 - The formal departure conference from overhaul is completed for CG-31 (12 August 1991 - 23 October 1992).


October 24

1993 - For the second and the last time, CG-31 transits the Panama Canal.


October 27

1938 - DD-407 is launched and is sponsored by Camilla Ridley Simpson.


November 1

1943 - DD-407 participates in the Treasury-Bouganville Operation (1 - 11 November) earning her sixth of 12 battle stars on her Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Ribbon for her service in the Buka_Bonis Strike (1 - 2 November), First Rabaul Strike (5 November), and the Second Rabaul Strike (11 November).


November 2

1945 - DD-407 is decommissioned in New York City, N.Y.


November 8

1968 - After a seven-day visit, DLG-31 departed the British Crown Colony of Hong Kong enroute to the Tonkin Gulf via Subic Bay, R.P. to load missiles and ammunition for her third line period (14 November - 10 December).

1987 - CG-31 departs on a North Arabian Gulf deployment with Battle Group ALFA that included a port visit to Muscat, Oman, for the Christmas Holiday (23 - 26 December). The visit's highlight was a visit from Senator Edward Kennedy (Massachusetts) relaying a message from President Ronald Reagan.


November 12

1942 - DD-407 participates in the Battle of Guadacanal (12 - 13 November) earning her third of 12 battle stars on her Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Ribbon for her service during the Guadalcanal - Third Strike (12 - 15 November).


November 13

1990 - CG-31 begins operations for a reconnaissance exercise with the USMC embarking 25 Marines from Company B, Third Marine Division for a three-day exercise which includes a one night insertion, and several day and night shipboard launches and recoveries of Zodiac small boats. This exercise demonstrates the capability for a Marine Reconnaissance personnel to operate from a CG 27 class cruiser by use of the torpedo recovery winch and davit.


November 17

2005 - DDG-104's keel is laid down at Bath Iron Works, in Bath, Maine.

2017 - The Commemorative Plaque Dedication Ceremony is held at the U.S. Navy Memorial in Washington, D.C.


November 20

1943 - DD-407 participates in the Gilbert Islands Operation (20 November - 08 December) earning her seventh of 12 battle stars on her Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Ribbon.


November 23

1989 - CG-31 rendezvous with Battle Group ROMEO enroute to the North Arabian Sea.

1993 - CG-31 conducts its last Tiger Cruise with 58 dependents and friends from Mazatlan, Mexico, to San Diego California (21 - 24 November).


November 24

1992 - Navy pulls out of Subic Bay, CG-31's homeport from 19 August 1981 to 10 May 1991 - almost 10 years!

1993 - CG-31 arrives back at its homeport of San Diego for the last time after travelling 22,581 miles and underway for 100 out of the 138 days of the deployment. STERETT was instrumental in the disruption of the delivery of over 28,000 kilograms of cocaine valued at 38 million dollars.


November 25

2010 - The rescue of M/V ESPERANZA ("hope" in Portuguese) by DDG-104 (25 Nov - 05 Dec).


November 28

1968 - DLG-31 change of command is held onboard while on station in the Gulf of Tonkin while STERETT was Strike Support Ship (SSS) and Search and Rescue (SAR). CAPT Edward A. Christopherson is relieved by CAPT Claude L. Tyler.


December 2

1936 - DD-407 is laid down at the Charleston Navy Yard.


December 4

1980 - CG-31 conducts a burial at sea service and the remains of twelve people are committed to the deep.


December 5

1980 - After four successful missile exercises at the Barking Sands Missile Range, CG-31 completes CSSQT.


December 6

2011 - DDG-104 departs San Diego for its second deployment as part of the USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN (CVN 72) Carrier Strike Group (CSG).


December 7

1978 - CG-31 is ordered by the National Command Authority to proceed to the Gulf of Iran to await further orders in support of contingency operations.

1983 - While at sea, CG-31 is visited by the Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral James D. Watkins.


December 9

1919 - DD-27 is decommissioned.


December 14

1971 - DLG-31 gets underway for at-sea preparation for overseas movement which included a number of exercises with USS SCULPIN (SSN 590).  This provided an opportunity to operate in an ASW environment with the LAMPS helicopter that included firing an ASROC and the LAMPS helicopter dropped two air-drop configured Mark 46 torpedoes.


December 15

1910 - DD-27 was commissioned at Boston, Massachusetts with Lieutenant Commander Robert L. Berry in Command.


December 16

1992 - CAPT Thomas E. Blount, Jr., is relieved by CDR Gordon O. Dorsey becoming CG-31's 16th and final Commanding Officer.


December 17

1992 - After what turned out to be CG-31 last change of command ceremony, STERETT is assigned to COMDESRON THIRTEEN under former CG-31 Commanding Officer, Commodore Richard P. Genet, USN.


December 19

1974 - DLG-31 ends her Regular Overhaul which was estimated to have consisted of approximately one quarter million man-hours of both shipyard and ship's force devoted to the overhaul which included adding enhanced command and control facilities, crew's berthing spaces extensive "habitability modernization," enhanced combat capabilities, and engineering work which equaled all other departments in work hours.


December 21

1989 - Upon departing Singapore, CG-31 conducts a crossing the line ceremony at latitude 000°00, longitude 105°55E in the South China Sea.


December 28

1987 - Two-day tender availability with the USS CAPE COD (AD 43) in Masirah, Oman, that includes the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders USO show. After departing CAPE COD, CG-31 embarked Commander, Joint Task Force Middle East, Rear Admiral Dennis M. Brooks.


December 31

1967 - DLG-31 officially became sponsors of the ex-USS LOS ANGELES Division of the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet and Navy League Cadets, two groups of 11-16 year old boys, sponsored by the Navy League of America.

Maintaining the objective of the Association by educating the public on the maritime heritage of all ships named STERETT as to the roles these ships played in the United States history, and the importance of preserving the ship’s historic data for future generations (2013 Bylaws, Article II).