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8-11 May 2025

Lincolnshire Marriott Resort

Join us here…


4-7 May 2023

Courtyard by Marriott Liberty Station

Welcome to the Courtyard by Marriott – John “Trey” Johnson (OS2, 84-89), Frank Ames (BT2, 84-88) and John Onorato (SM3, 86-89).

And to the 2023 San Diego Reunion – Shannon and Sandy Crawford (FC2, 90-92).


The iconic USS RECRUIT know to endless STERETT Shipmates who went to bootcamp at RTC San Diego.  No reunion is complete without San Miguel and Red Horse beers – Mabuhay!!!

Arrival day…and checking in.

Sightseeing and catching up…

Nolen Rooftop – First picture left to right is John King (LTJG, 68-71), Burton Dietz (YN3, 70-72) and Gene Bailey (LCDR, 70-72).  Second picture left to right is Peter Buckley (LCDR, 70-72), Paul Striffler (LCDR, 71-72), Patricia Striffler, and Mike Cornforth (LCDR, 72-74).

DDG-104 CO’s wife Danielle Garfield and family hanging out at a Padres game.

The iconic Unconditional Surrender Statue in front of the San Diego MIDWAY Museum.

President Burton Dietz presents Shannon Crawford (FC2, 90-94) and Mike Smith (DKSN, 68-70) with the George R. Jackson Leadership Award for their outstanding service to the USS STERETT Association.

The banquet – full of celebrations and toast – cheers!!!

Former DDG-104 CO CAPT Andrew Koy formally presented Shipmate Joseph O’Neill III with a
Bronze Star Medal for service in Viet Nam in front of his family. A rare treat considering medals of valor are rarely
awarded nowadays, especially when they were earned 50 years ago.

DLG-31 Plankowners cut the USS STERETT Association 25th Anniversary cake!

DLG-31 Plankowners left to right – Ken Strouf (SH2, 67-70), Larry Motz (YN3, 67-70) and Gary Don Nichols (YN3, 67-70).


12-15 May 2022

Holiday Inn Riverwalk




19-22 September 2019

Marriott Jacksonville Hotel


Chuck Bond (HM2, 86-89), Don Hageman (GMM1, 74-76) and Larry Motz (YN3, 67-70) attend a Jacksonville Jaguars Thursday Night game.

John King (LTJG, 68-71), Susie King, Dave McAllister (MM2, 68-70) and Kathy McAllister enjoy a dance at the DLG-31 Friday night gathering at the Greater Beaches VFW Post #3270.

Captain Genet (86-88) and the First Team gathering Friday night at the Hidden Hills Golf Course.

Our Ship’s Store Custodian Duffy Groener (RD2, 68-71) and Chuck Bond (HM2, 86-89).

Ed Cardona (SN, 88-91), Chuck Bond (HM2, 86-89) and Ed Garcia (FC3, 88-91).

Kenny Marshall (EW2, 85-89) and Chuck Bond (HM2, 86-89).

Steve Donner (SK3, 86-88), Tom Updike (JO3, 86-89), Chuck Bond (HM2, 86-89) and Kenny Marshall (EW2, 85-89).

David Wolf (ET1, 67-71), Ken Nantz (RD3, 67-70), Jessie Nantz, Chuck Bond (HM2, 86-89), Tom Allen (RD3, 67-68), and Rosa Allen.

Chuck Bond (HM2, 86-89) and Reunion Coordinator Joe Gaughan (STG2/STGC 81-83 & 86-89).

Steve Donner (SK3, 86-88), Tom Updike (JO3, 86-89), Nanette Updike, James Era (IC2, 85-88) and Chuck Bond (HM2, 86-89).

Chuck Bond (HM2, 86-89) and Ed Garcia (FC3, 88-91).

Guest Speaker CAPT Genet (86-88) and new Association President Chuck Bond (HM2, 86-89).  Another attendee record was broken with 186 in attendance.

Plankowners Gary Don Nichols (YN3, 67-70), Jim Trotter (QM3, 67-70), Mike Vogel (SK3, 66-69), Mike Britton (SN, 66-69), Richard Allard (RD1, 67-70), Larry Motz (YN3, 67-70) and David Wolf (ET1, 67-71) got together for some reminiscing of the good old days.

Jeff Brown (DS2, 87-90) and Chuck Bond (HM2, 86-89) enjoy a bottle of E.S.Q. rum.


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22-25 June 2017

Hilton Nashville Airport


Executive gathering of President Steve Hayes (RD3/OSCS, 68-70 & 81-83), Treasurer/Secretary Don Hageman (GMM1, 74-76) and Reunion Coordinator Burton Dietz (YN3, 70-72).

Friday night gathering at the Grand Ole Opry.

General meeting called to order by President Steve Hayes (RD3/OSCS, 68-70 & 81-83).  Treasurer/Secretary Don Hageman (GMM1, 74-76) is ready!

Second Vice-President Chuck Bond (HM2, 86-89) presents a Lifetime Member hat patch to Fran Ames (BT2, 84-88).

DD-407 Shipmates Art Marrs (MM1c, 42-45) and Charles “Frenchy” LeFebvre (RM3c, 42-45) in attendance!

Debbie Sterett joins the CG-31 era Shipmates.

Standing L to R – Chuck Bond (HM2, 86-89), Lane Baumgartner (BM3/BM1, 81-83 & 87-89), John “Trey” Johnson (DeWitt) (OS2, 84-89), Dan Fitzpatrick (SM2, 86-88), Giovanni “Johnny” Onorato (Fowler) (SM3, 86-89), Vince Danner (EW1, 85-88), James “JJ” Jennings (87-90), Kenneth Wilhelm (EN2, 88-91) and Gary Shaw (FC3, late 80s).

Dan O’Riley (1972)

Newly appointed 2019 Reunion Coordinator (in the yellow) Joe Gaughan (STG2/STG1, 81-82 & 86-89) lost in thought. 

A new record of reunion attendees (182) enjoying the banquet.

Sunday morning Memorial Service led by President Steve Hayes (RD3/OSCS, 68-70 & 81-83).


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TACOMA Reunion

17-20 September 2015

La Quinta Inn & Suites


Mark Fullmer (STG2, 88-91), Nora Fulmer, Chuck Bond (86-89), Erlinda MacCarthur, and Glenn MacCarthur (STG1, 87-90) in the charter bus on their way to visit the USS TURNER JOY (DD 951) and the Puget Sound Navy Museum located in Bremerton, WA.

USS TURNER JOY (DD 951) was significant because it was involved in the Gulf of Tonkin incident that spurred massive buildup by U.S. in Vietnam war and fired the last salvos of the war as it ended.

The Puget Sound Navy Museum.

The Head Table – Past President Wayne McBrain (RD3, 68-71), JROTC Unit Commander, Vice-President John King (LTJG 68-71), JROTC Student, President Steve Hayes (RD2/OSCS, 60-70 & 81-83), Treasurer/Secretary Don Hageman (GMM1, 74-76), Marybeth Hageman, Ship’s Store Custodian Robert “Duffy” Groener (RD2, 68-71) and Sandy Groener.

Mike Vogel (SK3, 66-69) and Lia Vogel.

Nora Fullmer, Mark Fullmer (STG2, 88-91), Chuck Bond (86-89), Brian Cox (TM2, 86-88), Kirk Wagoner (STG2, 88-91), Glenn MacCarthur (STG1, 87-90) and Erlinda MacCarthur.

Mike Smith (DKSN, 68-70) and Cindy Smith enjoying the banquet.

Ron Crocker (YN3, 69-70) and Jayne Crocker.

Eugene”Gene” Bailey (LCDR, 70-72) and Juniata Bailey.

David Wolf (ET1, 67-71) and unknown couple.

Nancy Miller, Elden G. Miller (DS2, 69-73), randy Norton (BM3, 71-75) and Ofelia Norton.

JROTC Student Cadet Rounds and DLG-31 Plankowner Larry Motz (YN3, 67-70).

Association President Steve Hayes (RD2/OSCS, 60-70 & 81-83) making a presentation to two DD-407 Shipmates in attendance – Art Marrs (MM1c, 42-45) and ???.

Salvatore “Toni” Jimenez (EMCS, 86-89), William “Bill” Dahlke (CMC, PNCM, 86-88) and Josh Dugan (OS2, 87-90) pose for a photo before bidding each other fair winds and following seas.


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11-13 October 2013

Radisson Hotel



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BILOXI Reunion

20-22 May 2011


CG-31 crew – standing ???.  Sitting – Steve Hayes (OS2/OSCS), and Bob Johnson (MAC, 81-84).  Kneeling – Vince Danner (EW1, 85-88), Wayne Wright (OSC, 83-86), and Richard Yeskis (EW2, 83-88).

Merton Garrison (DS1, 80-84), Vangie and Glenn Jackson (OS2, 81-83), and Vince Danner (EW1, 85-88) enjoying some grub!


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25-27 September 2009



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PORTLAND (Maine) Reunion

17-20 May 2007


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23-26 June 2005

Windham Baltimore Inner Harbor Hotel



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15-17 August 2003

Best Western Plus Silverdale Beach Hotel


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15-17 June 2001 

Raintree Plaza Hotel/American Legion John Harold Buckley, Post 32


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AURORA Reunion

19-21 June 1998


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