Master Commandant Andrew Sterett Chronological History


January 27 – Andrew Sterett is born in Baltimore, Maryland.


March 25 – Andrew Sterett enters the Navy as a Lieutenant at the age of twenty. He serves as a Third Lieutenant aboard the newly commissioned frigate CONSTELLATION with Thomas Truxton in command.


February 9 – Lt. Andrew Sterett commands a battery of CONSTELLATION great guns in a battle against the 40-gun French frigate L’Insurgente.  L’Insurgente lost 29 dead and 14 wounded; the only American loss was a seaman run through by Sterett’s saber in a summary execution, the seaman, Neal Harvey, having abandoned his post in a panic. 


February 1 – Lt. Andrew Sterett is the first lieutenant onboard CONSTELLATION when she defeats the powerful French frigate La Vengeance.

May 1 – Lt. Andrew Sterett reports onboard the newly launched PRESIDENT as first lieutenant. PRESIDENT was a three-master 44-gun heavy frigate and the last of the U.S. Navy’s first heavy frigates to be built.

October 27 – Lt. Andrew Sterett takes command of the schooner “Little Lucky ENTERPRISE” in which he captures the French privateer La Amour De La Patrie and defeats the French privateer Le Citoyen.


February 6 – While in command of ENTERPRISE, Lt. Andrew Sterett again sails to Tripoli, this time to blockade the coast and to protect a merchant convoy along the coast of Spain and Gibraltar.


January 17 – While in command of ENTERPRISE, Lt. Andrew Sterett captures the ship Paulina which attempted to transport cargo from Malta into the port of Tripoli under the imperial flag of the Bey of Tunis.  Sterett remarked to Paulina’s crew, “Go tell the Bashaw of Tripoli and the people of your country that in the future they may expect only a tribute of powder and ball from Sailors of the United States.”

November 12 – Lt. Andrew Sterett relinquishes command of ENTERPRISE to Lt. Stephen Decatur, Jr., and is promoted to master commandant, a rank authorized between lieutenant and captain in 1799.


July 5 – After receiving orders to fit out the brig HORNET in Baltimore, Master Commandant Andrew Sterett resigns from the Navy and joins the merchant marine.

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