Christening of DDG-104

Christening of the fourth USS STERETT (DDG 104) – the blessing of ships dates as far back as the third millennium BC, when the ancient Babylonians, according to a narrative, sacrificed an oxen to the gods upon completion of a ship.  Today, the christening is often conducted during the launching.  The ship’s sponsors, which are most often women, break the bottle of champagne and ceremonially give the ship it’s name.  The christening took place May 19, 2007, at Iron Works, Bath, Maine.

Download the Christening Booklet.

Picture of the Sterett Family at the Christening of DDG-104 19 May 2007.  Left to right –  Greg Sterett (Diane’s son), Kent Sterett (Diane’s husband), Diane Sterett (Matron of Honor), Jeff (Diane’s son), April (Diane’s daughter-in-law), Ryan (Diane’s son), Zach (Diane’s son-in-law), Michelle (Ship’s Sponsor), and Amelia (Michelle and Zach’s daughter who was christened on DDG-104).


This captivating sketch depicts the newest Sterett DDG-104 in the foreground steaming in formation with her three predecessor ships also named after the early American naval hero Andrew Sterett whose image appears in the top center.  To the left is the first USS Constellation – where he was gunnery officer.  To the right – shown in battle under sail – is the first USS Enterprise – where he was the commanding officer.

The “three-stacker” DD-27 (middle center) was the first Sterett, the WWI era destroyer that was in service from 1910-1919. On the middle left is the second Sterett: DD-407. Commissioned in 1939, it went on to engage in several key battles throughout WWII. The third Sterett: DLG/CG-31 (middle right) served from 1967 -1994 deployed as a key asset in Vietnam operations and throughout the Far East and later in the Persian Gulf. And the fourth Sterett: DDG-104 (foreground) is currently homeported in San Diego, CA.

This drawing was done by Peter K. Hsu – the respected naval architect and self-taught artist – who focused his great talent on this work presenting the Sterett story.